Photo by Heidi Jirotka




St. Mark's Place is A wonderful rural location with easy access to the highway, St. Mark's is the perfect place to host any function, large or small. Modern facilities combined with restored heritage features make St. Mark's unique within Nova Scotia.


Our Vision


Originally the restoration of St. Mark’s was undertaken with one mission in mind, this building needed to be saved!

Since then our vision has widened. St. Mark’s was created as a place of communion, for moments of celebration, a place where people gather. Our purpose is to continue this legacy.


Our Story


In 1901 a small but determined group of Lutherans set the cornerstone to build a church on the banks of the LaHave River, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. For the next 104 years that St. Mark’s would serve its community as a place of worship, a place of solace and a place of celebration.

Now known as St. Mark’s Place, it is no longer a Lutheran church but has been restored to reflect its past glory with some updates to accommodate for its use in the 21st century as a rental facility. In 2012 the restoration efforts earned us the first ever award presented by the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia for Places of Worship.

St. Mark’s Place is still available to host those most significant events we all wish to mark in our lives.